I’m someone who has had what most would call a “Full-life-experience”.  My family’s been the subject of a CBC documentary. I was homeless at 13. I should have been a career criminal, a junkie, incarcerated indefinitely, or dead. Yet. I’m none of those (almost died 3 times though!).

My sense of humor has unwittingly carried me through this. And perhaps a strong connection to family coupled with a daring zest for life and a healthy desire for justice.

I have a lot of fun doing things. I like to write about some of those things. If you read anything other than this, you will find that I’m a dad to a couple of extraordinary kids, I like to get outside, I have ambitions to do some crazy stuff, and I enjoy myself in any situation. Family, friends, and fun are what I treasure most.

You may also find that I have a skeptical view of what’s popularly accepted as “climate science”.  Any of you who know me, remember when I was involved with Green House Gas Emission Verification (British Standards or “BSI”) a number of years ago. Some will remember how empowered I was at the time to “help save the planet”. Ironic that simply by trying to be the best salesperson I could and research the “accepted reality” of Anthropogenic Global Warming, I became a staunch promoter of the scientific method and could not sell my GHGV services to those who BSI wanted me to.  My conscience wouldn’t let me.

Any posts you see here that pertain to my skeptical view of AGW is simply a result of my strong sense of justice. I hate being manipulated and lied to.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you find something you like!



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