Junior High School Musical

8 05 2009

As a parent, there are 3 things to look forward to. Bedtime, back – to – school, and the kids’ school’s spring concert/production/extravaganza. Yeah, I know…most parents would rather have scaling done by their frieimg069ndly dental hygienist, but seriously, my kids never disappoint. This year was no exception. The Band started with a few Star Wars tunes, and the production segued into a multi-media video – dance, song, bells, narration number. The concept was a student sitting in her room flipping channels between Discovery, the Weather Channel, and The History Channel. My kids attend a “Science School”. She was insistent on catching local weather, but growing impatient, kept changing channels and in essence learning more about the subjects she was interested in. The Band played great and Coleman had a saxophone solo during a song that played while video displayed a tornado forming. The student who had by far the cushiest gig was obviously the narrator who sat in bed on stage in her “bedroom” wearing pj’s with a microphone. None other than my amazing daughter. I’m thinkin’ she was channeling yours truly.




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