Happy Birthday Coleman!!

2 04 2009

colemanHoly freakin’ crap! Coleman is 13 today. That officially makes me an old man. I remember the day that little flesh-loaf was born. We were in Abbostford and the day was as dark, dreary, and overcast as you can get in the Lower Mainland. Quite a contrast to how I was feeling that day. Once that kid’s thick black trusses appeared, and soon after, the tiny slithering mass that is, or rather was… my son…I knew that I was the happiest dude in town. Coleman has always been a great kid. He’s even at an age now where I can take his advice. Taking advice from a kid is something that I believe to be smart. Especially that kid…he’s pretty smart to start with and always has been very mature. Coleman’s advice is genuine, and comes from a perspective that is not yet tainted or jaded from the cynical ebbs and flows of life. If you ever want a real honest, objective  answer to something, ask a kid. And don’t be afraid to take their advice to heart.




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