Jack Bauer Kicks Ass

31 03 2009

jackbauer01My fave TV show is 24. It’s, for those of you who don’t know, a program done in “real-time”…so every season is 24 hours…one hour at a time. The main protagonist is Jack Bauer. An asset of the US government who’s superior tactical and combat skills have enabled him to be at the forefront of a fictional US institution known as CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit). He always finds himself confronting issues that force him to deviate from established plans…to stop trusting in his peers and the general establishment, because for some reason, he is always comprimised and there are traitors in the mix. Even though Jack loses so much, each season…his wife, close friends, colleauges, he still more or less accomplishes his mission. For all the sacrifices he makes, Jack still can sleep at night knowing he did the right thing. Even when he doesn’t. For himself.




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